Saturday, September 23, 2006

Enter Ubuntu

So a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to installing a decent Linux dist. After a brief survey I settled for Ubuntu, most of all since I'm sitting on a HP laptop which I'd rather avoid tearing apart just to find specific part numbers etc. Also I happened to catch a glimpse of Ubuntu successfully running XGL and Compiz, i.e. OpenGL-accelerated window management for those of you who - like me - have spent the last couple of years living either under a rock or at the local pub.

Anyhow, after lots of work I finally have my sweet, whobbly, swooping, zooming desktop up and running, complete with sleek desktop search, fully working OpenGL development facilities and everything else that I've been looking for in an alternative to MS Windows.

Everything except Houdini that is, which I am to learn before my internship at Digital Domain starts within a couple of months. Hence I'm still bound to my old XP installation, although once I'm done with Houdini I might just throw it out the window once and for all.

My goal is to post a couple of brief walkthroughs or at least sketchy notes of my Ubuntu endeavors in this forum within the nearest future.

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