Thursday, August 09, 2007

The SIGGRAPH buzzword of the year...

... has to be "rotation invariant" or some other term pertaining to minimal-distortion mesh editing. Over the last couple of days I have seen more bunnies and armadillos being bent, stretched and twisted than during my entire life. Makes perfect sense, what with all the high-resolution shape acquisition gear that's getting increasingly available.

Some highly cool stuff includes the real-time shape and texture capturing system (just insert whatever into the green cube and voila: it shows up on the display and interacts with the environment), as well as some new promising hybrid display technology (imagine readily calibratable LCDs...).

The most frustrating bit has to be the "300" team that refused to reveal the secret behind their huge fluid sim grids. They just showed some impressive results and proceeded to refuse answering questions about how they got around the serious memory issues involved in cramming that size system through a CG solver. Yeah, parallel this and parallel that; the important part is still heavily obfuscated, totally against the SIGGRAPH purpose (and spirit). Boo.

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