Friday, April 01, 2011

New website, new blog template, same old Mattias

Three posts in a day, and that's no joke! Anyway, while I have my typing gloves on I thought I'd plug my new website:

and also take a moment to join the blogosphere in spontaneous cheering over the new css theme that I found in Blogspot's crypts. I figured since I didn't check since late 2007 there just had to be something new there, and blimey if I wasn't right.

In the process of transmogrifying my blog I realized I've collected a handful of comments over the years which I never saw and thus never responded to, but I'm full of faith that the posters didn't take my silence as some kind of gesture of hubris (now that I have a job and all), but rather a sign of increasing age and deteriorating cognitive ability. Sorry guys!

I'll leave you with that. Now go hike my visitor count please.

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