Monday, October 31, 2011

Softbody solver: first test

This is an early test render from my slow-moving pet project, a softbody dynamics solver for Maya. It's based on the core technology from the hair solver I wrote for "Tron Legacy", with added support for conversion of arbitrary poly surfaces into tet meshes using TetGen.

I'm still working on extracting the resulting surface so that I can plug it into a proper renderer. Meanwhile, please enjoy the OpenGL framegrab above. It shows a tetrahedralized poly sphere which is affected by gravity and a couple of kinematic poly meshes which are represented as level sets internally (for faster and more robust collision lookups).

Due to the large amount of proprietary Digital Domain libraries involved in the solver, this is strictly an in-house project which will most likely never see the outside of DD's facilities. Hopefully I'll be able to use this to generate some interesting animation down the road though, even if it's just to satisfy my own curiousness.

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